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World Nagar Convention - July 2008
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NAGAR congratulates Chicago community on successful convention

NAGAR Team congratulates the Nagar Mandal of Greater Chicago and the entire Convention team on the grand success of the World Nagar Convention 2008.

Detailed planning of many months, seamless coordination, selfless services and the hard work of the entire team and Chicago Nagar Mandal community made this event an unforgettable experience. Kudos!

Comments (7)

Parth Mehta:

The Chicago Convention Team,

Congratulations !!!!!, Congratulations!!!!! for putting up an excellent Convention for Nagar's.

The attendence was great!!!!!!

The arrangementts were terrific!!!!!!

The veneue was great!!!!!!!

The leadership and team spirit was super!!!!!

The best part was the Entertainment from both Visitor's and the Local Hosts!!!!!!!!

I have to mention that the audience applaud was the loudest for all the performance as our Nagar's did and excellent job.

Special mention about the Entertainment was "Bhangra" performance from Kids from Baltimore as there was an Hystertia seen in the audience applaud.

This performance got a standing ovation from the audience.

The bhangra was excellently choreographed, and performed. Congratulations !!!! Once again.

The "Incredible India" Presentation by the hosts was par excellence.

It beat all the expectaions of the audience and it received standing ovation from the audience.

Congratulations!!!!! Congratulations !!!! for an excellent show.

The food arrangements was also good.

Congratulations !!!!!! for the whole team for a great convention.

Parth Mehta

Pratik Mehta:

Thank you for your kind words.

Sunil Vasavada:



Months, weeks and weekends long hard work, dedication and enthusiasm was paid off..
Three days long this Nagar Mela was another remarkable event.

VAATA-NU-KOOL place ma b's vaato vaato
Pizza to Puran Poli
Bajara na rot'la to Bake Z't
Fafda Jalebie ne coffee -Tea

Garba night and Sugam Sangeet by Shyamal Saumil Aarti
sangeet jodi Krushanu Deeti
Nihar, Slok, Anooj Ravie bhangara ni karavie masti

Yajamaan karyo cultural program - lagavie gaie Char kal'gie

Bhel Pokoaras and Baji pav
Ice cream chhaas..
Chicago chhodava ni vaat vas'mi lagi

Ratnakarbhai and team - You guys did it....
I had a fun
Mita had a fun
My kids Shaun Shaill enjoyed it..

Thank you ..Thank you..Thank you..Chicago.

Smriti Mehta:

Thank you for the congratulatory note. it was our pleasure to welcome the nagar community to our town, and we are very happy that we were able to live up to the expectations. our team did work like a family at the convention and I am proud to say that the entire Chicago Nagar mandal members joined hands to bring about this success.

Jai Shri Hatkesh!

It was our proud privilege to have your presence grace our convention and we are all glad you had a great time. Messages of thanks and congratulations are pouring in and we all appreciate your feedback and enthusiasm. Thanks for your kind support and words of appreciation. The Executive Team of the World Convention 2008 could not have done it alone, we had full support of the Nagar Mandal of Greater Chicago and NAGAR. The solidarity was evident during the convention when each and every member pitched in to make the convention a great success.

Again Thank You all for coming and we are all glad you enjoyed your stay.

Warm Regards,
Ratnakar Nanavaty
Nagar Mandal of Greater Chicago

Nirmita Dholakia:

Thanks to all of you, for all your overwhelmingly wonderful comments!!

It was a delight to work with the executive committee,& the cultural committee. As we all know,it would be impossible without the cooperation and enthusiasm from our entire extremely talented Nagar community...

I have been with the Chinmaya Mission of Chicago for the past 30 years, and Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda's work ethics, perfection, punctuality and the attitude of never to give up on the responsibility you have taken up, is something to learn from, throughout every moment in our lives...

The teachings of Swamiji's "Yagna Spirit" and his quotation "Do the Best and Leave the Rest" ("to the Lord"), automatically brings the best results!

I applaud the entire Chicago Team, the guests as well as the hosts put together, for the success of the Chicago Convention...
Jay Hatkesh !

Phalguni Desai:

Congratulations everyone....

Every person I talked to has commented on the grand success of the convention. People who did not attend but heard it word of mouth from other attendees have been very lavish in their praise too. CONGRATS to everyone..once again.

Ratnakarbhai, I wanted you to know that my mama/mami ( Shashikant vasavada(bhailamama) and Heenamami) from San Antonio, Tx wanted me to specifically tell you and everyone else in the Chicago team that they have heard excellent reports about the programme and, as ex-Chicagoans, are very proud of Chicago Nagar Mandal and the great work that everyone did.

It was a pleasure to be a part of the team...

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