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« World Nagar Convention 2008 - Registration Date Extended | Main | Call for 2007 and 2008 graduates - deadline June 30 2008 » welcomes its 100,000th visitor

All our visitors who helped us to reach to a new height..


Visitors mark on our website
For your love, support and trust, and
Give us opportunity to better serve all nagars, and
Bring us together

100,000+ Visitors mark on NAGAR website
1000+ Registered members in USA on NAGAR database
100+ Matrimony Advertisements on NAGAR website
10 Active Local Nagar Mandals in USA
10th Year of commitment for a
1 United NAGAR community

Jay Hatkesh!

Last July ’07, we conducted an opinion poll and ask three questions. Here’s summary of the results with our comments and requests.

  1. 91% approved the way NAGAR is moving forward to bring our community together.
    • We agree with remaining 9%, as we need to do more to meet your expectations, with your cooperation.
  2. 100% agreed that we all have to unite to better serve our community.

  3. 96% agreed to build a common platform for all nagar.
    • Let’s work together and make joint efforts first to build a common platform for all nagars in USA before it’s too late!!!

How it all got started?

  • 8/29/86: Dhirubhai Buch, Arizona; a visionary nagar compiled a directory of all Nagars in USA

    • The first USA Nagars Directory was published in 1986/87
    • The Directory included 73 family information and was made available for $ 6.00??

  • 1992-93: Dhirubhai Buch, Arizona published a second edition of the directory.

    • It covered families from US and Canada and listed 138 families for $ 6:00.

  • 1/23/94: Michigan Nagar Mandal expanded Dhirubhai Buch’s vision to create a New Nagar Database.

    • Dhirubhai Buch passed on his vision and responsibilities to create a New National Nagar Database to Divyang Pandit and Dhaval Kikani of Michigan Nagar Mandal.

  • 11/3/94: Michigan Nagar Mandal launched a new broad scope directory project supported by USA wide nagar representatives.
    • "The Nagar Community Directory of North America, 1994-1995" was published on Diwali Day (11/3/94)
    • $ 15.00 directory listed 249 families with addendum

  • 5/6/95: During Michigan Patotsav visit by Dr. Ashwin and Kalpanaben Nanavati of Baltimore, an idea was put forward to encourage Baltimore Nagar Mandal to host the first National Nagar Convention and Celebrate their 25th Patotsav in 1996.

    • Dr. Nanavati & Pandits organized July 4th ‘95 picnic in Baltimore, to discuss the idea with the Baltimore Nagar community.

  • 2/24/96: An informal National Nagar Council (NNC), consisting of volunteer directory area representatives, was formed, to assist 5/26-28/96 Baltimore Convention, if needed.

  • June ‘96 - Baltimore Convention was successful with over 600 participants. However, it centered around local and religious focus.

  • Chicago delegation announced their interest for hosting the next convention, within one to two years.

  • Desired National momentum did not materialize.

  • Jan. 1997 - Michigan announced the next directory project to sustain the national interest.

  • "The Nagar Community Directory of America 1997" was published on 8/14/97.A $ 20 directory grew to 417 families now.

  • NNC published Three 'Naval Nagars' News Letters.

  • 4/13/96 - Divyang Pundit visit to San Jose encouraged their leaders to consider hosting 2000 Convention, after Chicago.

  • Chicago Convention 'Town Hall' formally established NAGAR Inc. organization.

  • Dr. Manoj Desai, Harikrashna Majmudar and others in San Jose delegation announced their intention for the 2000 convention.

  • 7/3/98 - After, Michigan transferred leadership to Chicago


Thank you! to the global nagar community for helping us reach this milestone.

Here's to the next 100,000 visitors!

Comments (2)

Dr. Subodh Nanavati:

Dear Sir,

On the onset please accept my heartiest congratulations on reaching " One Lakh" milestone! I am positive NAGAR will go on contributing towards growth of community globally. It becomes more important to remain in touch with your own people when you are residing in place where Gujrati population, let alone Nagar population, is almost negligible like Saudi Arabia. We are only four Gujratis in whole of Shaqra , out of which only two are Nagars, me and my wife! It was through NAGAR site we met our future daughter-in-law ( daughter of Shri Virendrabhai and Bhavnaben Vasavada from Chicago) and had many many proposals for my daughter Dr. Unnati, who is now engaged with Harshit , son of Jaydevbhai and Bhavnaben Mehta, of Dubai.
Please accept our thanks and congratulations for doing such a slpendid job.
Keep it up , folks! You are doing great job!
See you all on 4th July, 2008 at Nagar Convention!
With Regards,

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Subodh Nanavati

Dr. Pallavi Nanavati

Mrs Dharmishtha Wilkinson (Buch):

Dear Sir,

I am the daughter of Mr Hasmukhrai Shantirai Buch who is the older brother of Mr Dhirubhai Buch. Thank you so much NAGAR for recognising the initiative and efforts of my respected kaka in compiling the first USA Nagar Directory in 1986 and working towards improving it over the following 8 years. We are very proud of him. He and my kaki Mrs Kamudini Buch were also responsible for starting the trend of Nagar Community Diwali get-together in London between 1973 and 1983. This task was taken over by Mr Mayurbhai Baxi when Dhirubhai moved to USA. In recent years, I have tried to fill his shoes with the support and help of Mrs Veena Baxi to organise Diwali Dinner and other events for our small Nagar Parivar here in London to meet. I try and encourage them to join in and share their news with other Nagar families via your web site as I am aware that your web site gets viewed by Nagars all over the globe. Congatulation on reaching the 100,000 milestone. I have followed the progress of NAGAR on the internet for a long while now and have been inspired to creat a yahoo group for UK Nagars. Good Luck for the coming 2008 World Nagar Convention. Wishing you every success. You are doing a wonderful job. Keep it up.

With regards,

Dharmishtha Wilkinson.

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