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Search results for California, United States of America (US flag) (259 entries)

Please note that these search results include limited information to protect the privacy of our members. If you wish to view (and verify) your family details, you will need to login.

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(Life Member = Life Member of NAGAR       Annual Member = Annual member of NAGAR)
Name Phone City State
  Ishani and Jagat Acharya (925) 449-4498 Livermore California
  Malay Acharya                     Sunnyvale California
  Sandeep Anantani (805) 937-9303 Santa Maria California
  Vandana and Dharmanshu Antani (714) 282 9288                    Anaheim Hills California
  ( late ) bhartiben and Kamlesh Antani 510-796-4130 Fremont California
Annual Member Shailesh and Pratishtha Antani 707-766-6853 Petaluma California
  Shailesh Antani 707-766-6853 Petaluma, California
  Ami and Tausheet Antani Fremont, California
  Rekha and Dinesh Avashia (626) 810 0456                    Rowland Heights California
  Hina and Jwalant Bakshi 805-499-5844 Thousand Oaks California
  Vaishali Baxi                     Cupertino California
  Dhwani and Deepak Bhatt (909) 598-6395                    Walnut California
  Nalini and Jayant Bhatt (909) 594-3881                    Walnut California
  Spandan and Kosha Bhatt 001 310 439 1813 Los Angeles California
  Kosha Bhatt 3236101645 Sunnyvale California
  Niraj Bhatt (510) 790-1942 Fremont California
  Harsha and Rahul Bhatt (510) 494-0703 Fremont California
  Kinjal and Alok Buch 813-300-8668 San Diego California
  Mamta and Anand Buch (858) 530-0241                    San Diago California
  Kalpana and Bhalendu Buch (510) 793-7454 Fremont California
  Kalpana and Bhalendu Buch 210-267-9630 Fremont California
  Bhaskar Buch (408) 927-6639 San Jose California
  Kinjal and Hemant Buch (408) 777-9983 Cupertino California
  Rita and Kiran Buch (510) 226-0899 Fremont California
Annual Member Dipti and Naishadh Buch 805.733.5083 Lompoc California
  Nimish Buch (925) 243-0466 Livermore California
  Tanvi and Premal Buch (650) 755-3717 Daly City California
  Shivali and Pulkit Buch (650) 654-3652 Redwood Shores California
  Urvi and Yatin Buch (714) 665 3387                   Tustin California
  Mohit Chhaya 2023528774 Thousand Oaks California
  Arjun Dave Sacramento California
Annual Member Ami and Dhaval Dave 818-832-4330 Porter Ranch California
  Avantika and Dhrutvan Dave (209) 832-4876 Tracy California
  Gipshu Dave 7139998062 Fremont California
  Harish Dave Beverly Hills California
  Bindu and Atul Desai 949-472-8434 Foothill Ranch California
  Kalindi & nalin Desai (415) 785-8514 San Rafael California
  Kavita and Kamal Desai (831) 442-1184 Salinas California
Life Member Rita and Manoj Desai (925) 254-4433 Orinda California
  Mavantrai Desai (531) 455-6354 Salinas California
  Mehul Desai 408 432-1886 San Jose California
  Hema and Murari Desai (415) 479-1914 San Rafeal California
  Ninad Desai (510) 794-7119 Fremont California
  Nishant Desai 0265 2253387 Mil Pitas California
  Nishant Desai +919825528181 San Jose California
  Nishith Desai (650) 325-7100 Palo Alto California
  Niyati & heerak Desai (408) 749-1793 Sunnyvale California
  Bela and Prakash Desai (408) 867-1244 Saratoga California
  Purna Desai (408) 505-5454 Fremont California
  Rita and Rushikesh Desai (619) 438-3675                    Carlsbad California
  Sahil Desai (415) 682-9419 San Fransisco California
  Matangi and Snehal Desai (619) 444-2003                    El Cajun California
  Snehal Desai                     Irvine California
  Depti and Sohag Desai (510) 794-0321 Fremont California
  Meena and Sunil Desai (831) 442-9600 Salinas California
  Suril Desai Sunnyvale California
  Parul and Vikram Desai (949) 643-0389                    Laguna Hills California
  Amita and Narendra Dev (408) 255-3124 Cupertino California
  Mita and Mukesh Dhebar 408 446-1464 San Jose California
  Sneha and Dave Dholakia 650-556-1088 Redwood City California
  Sneha and Dave Dholakia 65556-1088 Redwood City California
  Sneha and Divakar Dholakia (650) 364-9144 Redwood City California
  Geetha and Hitesh Dholakia (408) 296-6228 San Jose California
  Jay Dholakia +91-22-26371634 San Francisco California
  Pragnesh Dholakia                     Diamond Bar California
  Rajiv Dholakia (650) 494-1005 Palo Alto California
  Urvi and Yagnesh Dholakia 949-858-7100 Rancho Santa Margarita California
  Chrayushi & dyuti Dhruv (408) 737-8914 Sunnyvale California
  Meghna and Jalesh Dikshit (408) 557-9137 Sunnyvale California
  Minakshi and Shardul Divatia (510) 713-8369 Fremont California
  Shetal and Amish Divetia (650) 559-1515 Los Altos California
  Nandan and Ashish Dixit (650) 903-0468 Mountain View California
  Shilpa and Maulin Dixit Irvine California
  S Dixit San Jose California
  Yatin mundkur and Sharvari Dixit     (650) 559-0325 Los Altos Hills California
  Anvita and Jyotin Gautam Fremont California
  Pinakin & chetna Jani                     San Diego California
  Yashwant and Sushma Jani (408) 245-7182 Sunnyvale California
  Rachna and Tarang Jha 510-794-7389 Fremont California
  Shirish Jhalla Dublin California
  Shirish Jhalla 5102582625 Dublin California
  Nishchal Joshi 4082502875 Fremont California
  Sejal and Arpit Joshipura (510) 657-4339 Any California
Annual Member Bhavna and Kiran Joshipura (408) 251-8337 San Jose California
  Jagruti and Padmanabh Joshipura 408 957-0246 Milpitas California
  Vaishali & bhushit Joshipura (408) 737-2934 Sunnyvale California
  Vibha and Arvind Kachhi 650-261-9828 Redwood City California
  Elizabeth and Dino Kachhi (650) 244-9540 San Bruno California
  Shyama and Harshkant Kachhi (650) 595-1917 Redwood City California
  Niru and Neelkanth Kachhi (818) 246 0421                    Glendale California
  Urmi and Nomit Kachhi 408 578-0141 San Jose California
  Alka and Subhash Kharod (714) 526-7980                    Artesia California
  Divyakant Kikani 951-734-5960 Norco California
  Divyakant Kikani 951-734-5960 Norco California
  Divyakant Kikani 9517345960 Norco California
  Divyakant Kikani 9527345960 Norco California
  Divyakant Kikani 951-734-5960 Norco California
  Divyakant Kikani 9517345960 Norco California
  Divyakant Kikani 9517345960 Norco California
  Raksha and Divyakant Kikani (909) 886 5936                    San Bernandino California
  Advait Majmudar (925) 685-2281 Concord California
  Premlata and Harikrishna Majmudar (650) 325-2760 Palo Alto California
  Hema and Kiran Majmudar (760)726-0107                    Vista California
  Ranak and Mehul Majmudar       510-353-1882              Fremont California
  Hiren and Saurabh Majmudar                     Cucamonga California
  Shailendra Majmudar (650) 341-8903 Foster City California
  Usha and Subandhu Majmudar 858-560-4545 San Diego California
  Vandana & sarvottam Majmudar 805 733-2387 Lompoc California
  Vinay Majmudar +91 281 2573407 Sunnyvale California
  Rajesh and Matra Majmundar (650) 325 0691 Palo Alto California
  Minal and Jayesh Mankad (562) 946-4211                    Whittier California
  Jyot Mankad San Jose California
  Mukur Mankad (510) 656-1042 Newark California
  Narendra Mankad 408-530-9006 Sunnyvale California
  Pranali and raj Mankad 858-752-4834 San Diego California
  Vihang Mankad Long Beach California
  Aparna and Vipul Mankad (510) 601-0936 Oakland California
  Sandhyaben and Anilkant Mankodi 7142657633 Tustin California
  Jui and Sohil Maru (510) 690-2025 Fremont California
  Yogesh Maru (510) 524-32387 Albany California
Annual Member Sadhana and Yogesh Maru 510-524-3238 Albany California
  Rheem & jheem Medh 818-349-2144 Northridge California
  Asim Mehta (925) 469-9717 Pleasanton California
  Dhyuti and Dhaval Mehta 707-725-8830 Fortuna California
  Dhyanesh Mehta Milpitas California
  Himanshu Mehta (626)303-7658 Duarte California
  Vaishali and Himesh Mehta 805-376-0173 Thousand Oaks California
  Ushma and Jagdip Mehta (510) 791-2098                     Fremont California
  Nisha and Jesal Mehta (408) 554-2656 San Jose California
  Khushali Mehta San Jose California
Life Member Tejal and Manoj Mehta (949) 637-8057 Laguna Hills California
  Meenaxi Mehta 415-673-0482 San Francisco California
  Meenaxi Mehta 415-673-0482 San Francisco California
  Menu Mehta Pleasant Hill California
  Purvi and Nihar Mehta (408) 374-4019 San Jose California
  Nihar Mehta 408-731-6232 Sunnyvale California
  Purvi and Nihar Mehta 408-731-6232 Sunnyvale California
  Nikhil Mehta Buena Park California
  Shivani and Pulkit Mehta Fremont California
  Rahul Mehta Santa Clara California
  Rahul Mehta Santa Clara California
  Toral and Saumil Mehta (510) 659-1114 Fremont California
  Shilpa and Shamik Mehta (408) 374-5323 San Jose California
  Smit Mehta 714-749-2574 San Jose California
  Kiran and Tailab Mehta (510) 790-9458 Fremont California
  Harasuta and Upendrarai Mehta                     Laguna Hills California
Life Member Shetal and Viral Mehta 661 664-1460 Bakersfield California
  Arpan Merchant Sunnyvale California
  Ratna and Amit Munshi (925) 254-6824 Orinda California
  Archana and Drumil Munshi (408) 261-1234 Santa Clara California
  Hema and Rajiv Munshi (408) 252-7672 Cupertino California
  Sanjiv Munshi Buena Park California
  Smruti Munshi Cerritos California
  Alpa and Piyush Nagar (408) 888-9562 Orinda California
  Sumeet Nagar                     San Francisco California
  Nita and Dhiren Nanavati (209) 952-3001 Stockton California
  Neeta and Dhiren Nanavati 2099523001 Stockton California
  Meeta and Sanjiv Nanavati (408) 629-5825 San Jose California
  Mitva & kalpesh Nanavaty (925) 673-0606 Concord California
  Aditya Oza 4088345674 San Jose California
  Dushyant Oza (408) 559-3232 San Jose California
  Ikshwaku Oza 909 887 4634 California California
  Urmi and Virat Oza San Bernadino California
  Vishnu Oza 562-929-0403 Norwalk California
  Shirley and Ashit Pandit                     San Diego California
  Anuradha & punit Pandya 714 964-2337 Huntington Beach California
  Kandarp Pandya +1 (408) 365-7259 San Jose California
  Rita Pandya San Diego California
  Kaumil Parghi (510) 353-9134 Fremont California
Annual Member Bhakti and Tejal Parghi (510) 895-8806 San Leandro California
  Mandar Parikh (650) 961-4227 Mountain View California
  Kinnari and Raju Patel Bakersfield California
  Sumoha Patel 408-360-8079 San Jose California
  Gautam Pathak 805-527-6209 Simi Valley California
  Ruturaj Pathak (650) 570-0568 Foster City California
  Neha and Sanjiv Pathak (510) 793-4241 Fremont California
  Prita Persuad Whittier California
  Prita Persuad Whittier California
  Parthiv Pota (408) 982-9557 Santa Clara California
  Neelratna Pujara (510) 790-2961 Fremont California
  Sushila and Nautamlal Rajpara 510-494 1213 Fremont California
  Nishchal Rana San Diego California
  Prarthana and Deepak Rawal (510) 794-0232 Fremont California
  Charulata and Mahendra Rawal (925) 837-4603 Danville California
  Charulata and Mahendra Rawal Danville California
  Panna Rawal Chatsworth California
  Deepak and Prarthana Rawal 925-248-2712 Dublin California
  Prarthana Rawal                     Fremont California
  Hemangi Rawat Folsom California
  Mudita Saiyadh San Diego California
  Mahendra and Renuka Shah Riverside California
  Shaily & chirag Shah (562) 404-3567 Cerritos California
  Smita Shah San Diego California
  Chitra & dikshit Sharad 661 664-8175 Bakersfield California
  Shiva and Alaka Shivananda 714-779-1943 Yorba Linda California
  T. Shivananda Yorba Linda California
  Roopa & maulik Shukla Cupertino California
  Ashani Thaker 714-505-6183 Tustin California
  Mamta Trivedi 818-879-1561 Agoura Hills California
  Shyama and Mukul Trivedi (510) 656-6556 Fremont California
  Roopa and Paras Trivedi                     San Jose California
  Rupa and Paras Trivedi (408) 528-9117 San Jose California
  Jaykirti and Sumanray Trivedi Buena Park California
  Ushma and Shaishav Vahia (408) 531-1101 San Jose California
  Chaitanya Vaidya                     San Jose California
  Dhira Vaidya (510) 759-1373 Any California
  Darshana and Himanshu Vaishnav (408) 247-0820 San Jose California
  Harsha and Jay Vaishnav (408) 973-1903 Cupertino California
  Jolly Vaishnav Berkeley California
  Aarti and Kunal Vaishnav 818 546 8736                    Glendale California
  Nita and Mayank Vaishnav (510) 793-9770 Fremont California
  Mayuna and Shailin Vaishnav (510) 742-6505 Fremont California
Annual Member Mayuri and Uday Vaishnav 818-242-1341 Glendale California
  Daxa and Vijay Vaishnav 4089731903 Cupertino California
  Bela Vasavada                     Sunnyvale California
  Dhruti and Devang Vasavada (408) 446-4801 Cupertino California
  Ghanshyam Vasavada Newbury Park California
  Pratima and Harindra Vasavada (408) 246-5537 Sunnyvale California
  Harindra Vasavada Sunnyvale California
  Smita and Harshendu Vasavada Saugus California
  Khyati & yatin Vasavada (510) 794-9376 Fremont California
  Krutarth Vasavada 4087754479 San Jose California
  Manisha and Kulendu Vasavada (209) 955-1883 Stockton California
  Aditi and Maulin Vasavada San Jose California
  Maulin Vasavada Santa Clara California
  Dipali and Nishit Vasavada 510 683-8698 Fremont California
  Parth Vasavada Cupertino California
  Jhalak and Pranav Vasavada 916-595-2374 Sunnyvale California
  Sameer Vasavada (510) 651-2313 Fremont California
  Alpana and Jayang Vora Laguna Hills California
  Vijay Vora Anaheim California
  Shobhana and Vyomesh Vora 949 707-1101 Mission Viejo California
  Kshama and Dhyanesh Vyas (408) 224-4940 San Jose California
  Pinakin Vyas (925) 600-9996 San Jose California
(Life Member = Life Member of NAGAR       Annual Member = Annual member of NAGAR)

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